Amanda Serrano
Visual Artist
Sculpture | Installation | Mixed Media
Magazine Rings
As an environmentally conscious visual artist I create organic, delicate works constructed entirely of magazines.  Each piece evolves and takes on unique characteristics.  Like fingerprints, no two are quite alike.  I transform the pages of magazines into rings, using the rings to create textured forms, planes, and sculpture, manipulating lighting to emphasize the play between sculpture and cast shadows.

Sea Glass & Bottles
Using unlikely material—crocheted wire, bottles, sea glass, and jump rings—I create intricate and ambitious sculptures and installations.  Crocheting hundreds of yards of wire into mesh nets encasing and suspending empty wine and beer bottles. Weaving thousands of stainless steel jump rings into lacy chain maille and sea glass designs.  Each piece is suspended from the ceiling, giving it a floating, fluid, luminous quality suited for large spaces and a profusion of light.